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Distal radial access does not impair hand function

JACC: Cardiovascular Intervention
Reuters Health - 17/05/2022  - Distal radial access for percutaneous coronary procedures does not impair hand function, is associated with only modest pain at the access site and a very low rate of complications, new research shows. Transradial access (TRA) is now the preferred approach for percutaneous coronary procedures. Limitations of TRA include ergonomic challenges in some patients and radial-artery occlusion (RAO). Distal radial access (DRA) has been proposed as an alternative to TRA to improve ergonomics and radial-artery patency. Two recent single-center randomized studies showed reductions of forearm RAO after DRA as compared with conventional TRA. Yet the potential for DRA to harm hand function has not been studied. The findings from the RATATOUILLE (International Hand Function Study Following Distal Radial Access) study are based on 313 patients (70% men) with clinical indications for coronary angiography or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI...

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