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POISE-3: Tranexamic acid for non-cardiac surgery

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Prof. Philip Devereaux; Dr Maura Marcucci, McMaster University, Canada
ACC 2022
Phase 3, POISE-3
The international, multicentre, randomised POISE-3 clinical trial compared both the use of antifibrinolytic tranexamic acid (TXA) with placebo as well as the effect of strategies to avoid hypotension versus hypertension in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery who are at risk of a perioperative cardiovascular event. Prof. Philip Devereaux (McMaster University, Canada) and Dr Maura Marcucci (McMaster University, Canada) presented the POISE-3 study (NCT03505723), which randomised patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery to receive either 1 g intravenous bolus of TXA or placebo at the start and end of surgery [1,2]. Using a 2 X 2 factorial design, the study also assessed the impact of a hypotensive-avoidance strategy versus a hypertension-avoidance strategy in the patients who were on antihypertensive medication [2]. The primary efficacy endp...

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