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Surprise outcome for SODIUM-HF

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Prof. Justin Ezekowitz, University of Alberta, Canada
ACC 2022
Phase 3, SODIUM-HF
Heart failure (HF) patients are often suggested to reduce dietary sodium to prevent fluid overload. However, the randomised controlled SODIUM-HF trial showed that a reduction in sodium intake did not reduce clinical events overall. Nevertheless, some individual patients did receive benefits, including quality-of-life (QoL) improvements and ameliorated HF progression over time. Prof. Justin Ezekowitz (University of Alberta, Canada) presented the results of the SODIUM-HF (NCT02012179) trial, which was simultaneously published in The Lancet [1,2]. Participants were randomly assigned (1:1) to either usual care according to local guidelines (n=409) or a low-sodium diet <1,500 mg/day for 1 year (n=397). The mean age of the participants was 66 years, 32% were women and 35% had diabetes. The primary endpoint was the composite of cardiovascular-...

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