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Pulsed-field ablation reduces neurocardiac damage versus cryoballoon ablation

Presented By
Dr Marc Lemoine, University Heart & Vascular Center Hamburg, Germany
Presented by
Marc Lemoine University Heart & Vascular Center Hamburg
EHRA 2022
Pulsed-field ablation (PFA) was associated with less neurocardiac damage than cryoballoon ablation as a method for pulmonary vein isolation (PVI). The post-interventional increase in heart rate was significantly lower in patients who were randomised to PFA. In contrast, damage to cardiomyocytes was higher in the PFA arm. PFA is a novel, non-thermal energy source for PVI. Although it is known that thermal energy sources affect the entire atrial tissue during PVI, including nerves and ganglia, the specific impact of PFA on neurocardiac tissue has not yet been investigated [1]. The current study randomised patients undergoing their first PVI (n=56) 1:1 to PFA or cryoballoon ablation. High-sensitive troponin I levels, indicative of myocardial damage, were assessed as well as S100b levels, a measure for neurocardiac damage. The postinterventional increase in heart rate, which is associated with neurocardiac damage, was also analysed. Dr Marc Lemoine (...

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