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Sex differences revealed in AF determinants and AF progression

Presented By
Prof. Michiel Rienstra, University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands
Presented by
Michiel Rienstra University Medical Center Groningen
EHRA 2022
The progression of atrial fibrillation (AF) was more prevalent in men than in women, despite the higher average age of the investigated women in the RACE V project. Different AF progression determinants were identified for women and men, indicating that there might be different pathophysiological mechanisms at play. AF often progresses from the paroxysmal type to the persistent type, which is related to different cardiovascular outcomes [1]. Prior studies revealed sex-specific differences in patients with AF regarding comorbidities, received therapies, and cardiovascular outcomes [2]. The current pre-specified analysis of the RACE V research group investigated sex differences in AF progression and associated comorbidities in 417 patients with paroxysmal AF [3]. The primary endpoint of the study was the AF progression rate. Prof. Michiel Rienstra (University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands) presented the results. Baseline characterist...

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