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Frailty no bar to dapagliflozin in heart-failure patients

Annals of Internal Medicine
Reuters Health - 26/04/2022 - Frailty should not be a reason to withhold dapagliflozin in patients with heart failure (HF), researchers say. On the contrary, the SGLT2 inhibitor improves outcomes in HF patients regardless of frailty, with the greatest benefit seen in more frail patients, they report. The findings "deserve emphasis considering the common reluctance of clinicians to introduce medications to patients perceived to be frail," the researchers write in Annals of Internal Medicine. The DAPA-HF trial previously demonstrated that dapagliflozin reduces the risk for worsening HF and death and improves symptoms when added to standard therapy. But frailty may modify the risk-benefit profile of certain drug therapies. Dr. John McMurray with University of Glasgow, in the UK, and colleagues did a post hoc analysis of 4,742 participants in the DAPA-HF trial for whom a frailty index (FI) was calculated using the 32-item Rockwood frailty scale. Hal...

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