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HFpEF burden in patients with COVID-19 calls for action

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Ms Jieling Chen, Gaithersburg, USA
HFA 2022
A systematic review into the effects of COVID-19 on survival in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) patients showed that HFpEF co-morbidity in COVID-19 infection may reduce the survival chances of these patients. These findings imply that improved care is needed for patients with HFpEF during the ongoing pandemic [1]. “Patients with pre-existing cardiovascular comorbidities show worse outcomes after a COVID-19 infection,” postulated Ms Jieling Chen (Gaithersburg, USA) [2]. The current study is the first systematic review designed to understand the burden and unmet needs of patients with HFpEF who are infected with COVID-19. For this analysis, 12 publications were included, 10 retrospective studies, 1 prospective study, and 1 study of which the perspective was unknown. In 9 studies, hospitalised patients with HFpEF were assessed, whereas 3 studies had investigated patients with HFpEF in-hospital and in the outpatient setting. The f...

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