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Innovative gel speeds up clearance of molluscum contagiosum lesions

Presented By
Prof. John Browning, University of Texas, USA
Presented by
John Browning
AAD 2022
Phase 3, B-SIMPLE4
A nitric oxide (NO)-releasing gel consisting of 2 components showed to be effective against molluscum contagiosum (MC). In the pivotal phase 3 B-SIMPLE4 trial, almost a third of patients achieved complete clearance of all skin lesions after 12 weeks of treatment with the berdazimer 10.3% gel. MC is a viral infection that primarily affects children and for which no approved treatment currently exists. It is caused by a poxvirus and is characterised by small, round, firm, umbilicated, often painless bumps [1]. Although usually harmless and self-limited, possible psychosocial complications can include stigma, disfiguring lesions, and scars. In addition, MC can take a long time to resolve, ranging from 13 months to 4 years [2,3]. At present, up to 73% of children with MC go untreated [4]. NO is an endogenous small molecule (gas) with several diverse physiological, cellular, and molecular functions. It modulates many physiological functi...

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