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JAK inhibitors in AD: Setting the efficacy bar even higher

Presented By
Prof. Eric Simpson, Oregon Health & Science University, USA
Presented by
Eric Simpson
Medical Writer
Eric Simpson
AAD 2022
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Systemic Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors are currently the most potent agents for the treatment of atopic dermatitis (AD). JAK inhibitors such as upadacitinib and abrocitinib are characterised by a rapid onset of action, especially in itch reduction, and provide a safe and effective oral therapy for those who show inadequate or loss of response to biologics. “We needed something with topical steroid-like efficacy that are not steroids, we needed another option,” Prof. Eric Simpson (Oregon Health & Science University, OR, USA), emphasised in his talk on JAK inhibitors in AD [1]. Although the IL-4/IL-13 blocker dupilumab is highly efficacious in AD, not all patients respond sufficiently to treatment [2]. Besides cases of inadequate response, some patients cannot tolerate therapy with dupilumab due to side effects such as conjunctivitis, facial redness, psoriasiform dermatitis, and inflammatory arthritis [3]. In a recent retrospective study, almost 5% of pa...

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