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New insights into psoriasis comorbidity

Presented By
Prof. Joel Gelfand, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Presented by
Joel Gelfand
AAD 2022
Comorbid diseases play an important role in the management of psoriasis. Multiple aspects and new developments of concomitant conditions such as liver disease, cardiovascular (CV) disease, and COVID-19 were discussed at this year’s AAD Annual Meeting. In patients with psoriasis, the extent of psoriatic skin involvement is an important risk indicator for psoriatic arthritis (PsA): 1% more affected body surface area is linked to an increase of 2% in PsA risk [1]. Other factors that are significantly associated with a heightened risk of both psoriasis and PsA include obesity and moderate alcohol use [2]. Further identified risk factors to bear in mind, according to Prof. Joel Gelfand (University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA), are pharyngitis, previous or current smoking, infectious skin diseases, as well as a history of traumas to bones and joints [3]. The question of whether the use of biologics can also influence the risk of acquiring PsA has not yet ...

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