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Glyco-fingerprint as risk factor of UC-associated cancer

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Dr A. Dias, Newham University Hospital, London, United Kingdom
ECCO 2020
A cross-sectional study revealed a distinct glycoimmuno-profile along the colitis-associated carcinoma cascade. It could represent a biomarker to identify ulcerative colitis (UC) patients at risk of UC-related cancer earlier [1]. The same group previously described differential expression of glycans in colitis and cancer contexts mediated by MGAT5 glycogene [2]. The aim of the present study was to elucidate if this constitutes a new mechanism in colitis-associated carcinoma. A cohort of paraffin samples from colitis-associated carcinoma patients at different stages of carcinogenesis (colitis, dysplasia, colon cancer) were evaluated by immunohistochemistry. In vivo studies were conducted in MGAT5 wild-type and knock-out mice. Preliminary results showed a distinct glycoprofile in stroma, which is characterised by a decreased expression of branched N-glycans in colitis, followed by increased expression in dysplasia and colon ...

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