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Non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation for acute stroke

Presented By
Prof. Ethem Murat Arsava, Hacettepe University, Turkey
Presented by
Ethem Murat Arsava Hacettepe University
AAN 2022
In a first-in-human, sham-controlled study, non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) was safe and feasible for the acute treatment of ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke. Infarct growth was relatively small, which may be an indication of efficacy. Results from preclinical studies have suggested that VNS can be helpful to treat acute stroke and facilitate the benefits of rehabilitation interventions. However, the invasive nature of this treatment clearly limits clinical application [1]. Non-invasive VNS is a recently developed alternative. Safety, feasibility, and potential efficacy of non-invasive VNS was assessed in a randomised, blind, sham-controlled, multicentre study. Prof. Ethem Murat Arsava (Hacettepe University, Turkey) presented the results [2]. A total of 68 participants admitted to 9 clinical sites had acute ischaemic (n=60) or haemorrhagic stroke (n=8) and all received standard care. They were randomised to receive low- or high...

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