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“Women with epilepsy should be encouraged to breastfeed”

Presented By
Prof. Kimford Meador, Stanford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, CA, USA
Presented by
Kimford Meador Stanford University
AAN 2022
Additional evidence from the MONEAD study supports the choice of breastfeeding by women on anti-seizure medication (ASM). Focusing on some of the newer ASMs, results showed that neurodevelopmental outcomes at the age of 3 did not differ in children of women with epilepsy who breastfed compared with those who did not. Potential adverse neurodevelopmental effects of ASM exposure via breastfeeding have so far only been directly compared in 2 prior studies that involved mostly older ASMs [1,2]. Prof. Kimford Meador (Stanford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, CA, USA) presented the results of the ongoing, observational, prospective MONEAD study (NCT01730170) [3]. The study cohort consisted of 258 children whose mothers had used 1 (79%) or more (21%) ASMs during the third trimester of their pregnancy, of whom 195 were breastfed and 63 were not. The most...

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