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Radiotherapy may be omitted in many breast cancer patients

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Prof. Timothy Whelan, McMaster University, Canada
ASCO 2022
The prospective cohort study LUMINA found that women ≥55 years with T1N0, G1-2 luminal A breast cancer who underwent breast conserving surgery (BCS) had a very low rate of local recurrence (LR) if they were treated exclusively with endocrine therapy and not with radiotherapy. These results indicate that the morbidity and costs of radiotherapy could be avoided in a substantial proportion of women with breast cancer. Although the risk of local recurrence after BCS is reduced by approximately 67% with adjuvant radiotherapy, this treatment may be omitted in very low-risk patients. Prof. Timothy Whelan (McMaster University, Canada) presented results from the LUMINA study (NCT01791829) which aimed to determine whether identifying luminal A subtype breast cancer combined with clinical pathological factors could identify very-low risk patients in whom radiotherapy coul...

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