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Letter from the Editor

Dr Stefan Rauh, Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch
ASCO GI 2022
Dear Reader,

It is my pleasure to introduce our report from ASCO’s 2022 Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancers Symposium.

Preventive strategies have been refined for patients at risk for colorectal cancers (CRC): you will find a quite detailed proposal in this report, which has been adopted in the US – and should be so in Europe, soon. In the meanwhile, you might as well provide benefit for your patients as soon as tomorrow.

In advanced disease, be sure to check for HER2 – as there is firm benefit of targeted treatment (with a conjugate) in advanced gastric cancer – and beginning evidence in CRC, too.

Immunotherapy is still expanding its indications, with benefit in combination with chemotherapy in upper GI, but also biliary cancer.

The range of beneficial first-line treatment options in hepatocellular cancer is also rapidly expanding, with both immune-monotherapies and combination of checkpoints.

And a Chinese study may have “reanimated” checkpoint inhibitors in advanced pancreatic cancer, combined with FolFirinox.

Interaction between checkpoint inhibitors and the gut microbioma, Artificial Intelligence in the management of GI cancers, new molecules; as always, there is a lot more for you to discover in this issue.

I wish you a pleasant and peaceful read in these troubled and violent times.


Yours, sincerely

Stefan Rauh

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