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Characteristics of long-term survivors in the CASPIAN trial

Presented By
Dr Niels Reinmuth, Asklepios Lung Clinic, Germany
Presented by
Niels Reinmuth Asklepios Lung Clinic, Germany
ELCC 2022
Phase 3, CASPIAN
Long-term survivors in the CASPIAN trial share common favourable – and potentially predictive – clinical and molecular characteristics. This was demonstrated in a subanalysis of the phase 3 trial investigating durvalumab in extensive-stage small cell lung cancer (ES-SCLC). Recently, the phase 3 CASPIAN trial (NCT03043872) demonstrated improved overall survival (OS) with durvalumab plus platinum-etoposide (EP) versus EP alone as first-line treatment of ES-SCLC [1,2]. A numerical improvement in OS was observed with durvalumab plus tremelimumab plus EP versus EP alone. This benefit was sustained with more than 3 years follow-up [3]. As biomarkers that predict the efficacy of immune checkpoint blockade have not been well characterised in SCLC, clinical and molecular characteristics of patients who experienced long-term survival in CASPIAN were assessed. Dr Niels Reinm...

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