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Decline in lung cancer mortality is almost exclusive to men

Presented By
Dr Philip Baum, Thoraxklinik Heidelberg, Germany
Presented by
Philip Baum
ELCC 2022
Age-standardised lung cancer mortality rate decreased constantly from 2000 to 2017. Whilst mortality in men dropped annually by an average of -2.3%, mortality in women only decreased by an average of -0.3%, and this slight decline was driven exclusively by the United States. Treatment options for patients with lung cancer have increased tremendously in the last decades and the efficacy of existing treatment options has improved. To see what consequences this has for lung cancer mortality in the real world, German investigators explored the changes in lung cancer mortality in Northern America and Europe between 2000 and 2017. They analysed data from the WHO Mortality Database covering Northern America and Eastern/Northern/Southern/Western Europe and calculated the average annual percentage change (AAPC) as a summary measure of overall and country-specific trends in lung cancer mortality. Dr Philip Baum (Thoraxklinik Heidelberg, Germany) presented the result...

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