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Letter from the Editor

Dr Stefan Rauh, Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch
ESMO 2021
Dear Reader,

I have again the privilege to present to you our congress report from ESMO 2021 Annual, this time from Paris. We’ll wrap up major results even better than Christo’s wrapping of the Arc de Triomphe (which took place at the same time). Thanks to COVID-19 this was again a largely virtual event, as audiences on-site mainly consisted of (other) speakers.

A lot to read through? Yes, it is! That’s because this congress was again loaded with practice-changing and other relevant studies:

We knew it, studies confirm it:

Cancer patients better get their jab, and better not get into the hospital (due to serious COVID-19 infection).

Chemotherapy is back!

  • In form of conjugates: more precise, more lethal (to cancer cells, that is), and less toxic (to their hosts). Here’s brand new standards in breast and non-small cell lung cancer. Expect more to come.
  • “Vintage chemo” also has a revival: nearly buried by many of us, MVAC made it to the headlines as neoadjuvant standard in early bladder cancer with a relevant survival benefit.
  • And upfront chemo may be back in metastatic prostate cancer: The whole works with double hormone blockage AND docetaxel shows highly superior results as compared to less intensive approaches in the PEACE trial.

There’s a potent weapon coming up for KRAS mutant mCRC, we might get closer to get “cold” MMS colorectal cancer to warm up to immunotherapy, and there are very interesting less toxic schedules to administer TKI’s and check-point inhibitors in urothelial cancers…

We take pride in providing you with these and many more important news in professional, peer-reviewed articles. I’m sure you will enjoy our report.


Yours, sincerely

Stefan Rauh

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