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COVI-PRONE trial on its back

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Prof. Waleed Alhazzani, McMaster University, Canada
ATS 2022
The randomised COVI-PRONE clinical trial demonstrated no difference in the risk of endotracheal intubation requirement at 30 days between awake prone positioning and standard positioning for patients with COVID-19 who suffered from acute hypoxemic respiratory failure. The trial results of COVI-PRONE were presented by Prof. Waleed Alhazzani (McMaster University, Canada) and simultaneously published in JAMA [1,2]. The rationale for this trial lies in previous studies suggesting that the prone position reduces the risk of mortality in COVID-19 patients undergoing invasive mechanical ventilation for acute respiratory distress, but it is not known whether awake prone positioning can prevent intubation or improve survival. “It is also not entirely known if awake prone positioning can actually cause harm due to delayed intubation,” said Prof. Alhazzani. The COVI-PRONE study (

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