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High-intensity interval training slashes daily corticosteroids in asthma

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Dr Anders Pitzner-Fabricius, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark
ATS 2022
High-intensity interval training resulted in a 24% reduction in daily inhaled corticosteroids after 6 months without compromising asthma control, according to a new randomised controlled trial.

In a trial presented by Dr Anders Pitzner-Fabricius (Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark), physically inactive adults with persistent asthma were randomised 2:1 to either a regimen of high-intensity interval training 3 times per week for 6 months (n=102), or to a control group of usual lifestyle (n=48) [1]. Both arms were followed up without intervention for an additional 6 months.

The results showed that the change in mean inhaled corticosteroid use (in micrograms) was reduced at 6 months in the high-intensity interval training arm by -234 micrograms (95% CI reduction -391 to -77; P=0.004), and even further by 12 months, even without intervention for the second 6-month period (-314 micrograms; 95% CI -477 to -151; P=0.002). When stratified by adherence to the high-intensity interval training regimen, the investigators reported that 71.4% of those with high adherence reduced their inhaled corticosteroid use by at least 25%, as opposed to 48.8% of the control group (P=0.09).

Dr Pitzner-Fabricius concluded that, in adults with asthma, high-intensity interval training exercise training has the potential to improve asthma control, reduce inhaled corticosteroid use, and has potential long-term positive lifestyle impact.

  1. Pitzner-Fabricius A, et al. The effects of high-intensity interval training on inhaled corticosteroids dose in patients with asthma – a randomized controlled trial. Session A16, ATS International Conference 2022, San Francisco, CA, USA, 13–18 May.



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