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Mild asthma: A fundamental change in management

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Prof. Roland Buhl, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany
ERS 2020
The management of mild asthma underwent some considerable changes in recent years. The GINA guidelines no longer recommend short-acting β2-agonists (SABA) as needed as sole treatment. In the last decade, it became increasingly evident that even patients with mild asthma are at risk of serious adverse events, Prof. Roland Buhl (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany) stated in his lecture on the changing landscape in the management of mild asthma [1]. Severe exacerbations in mild asthma represent 30-40% of asthma exacerbations requiring emergency consultation [2]. Frequent use of short-acting bronchodilators has been associated with several adverse events, such as a reduced bronchodilator response, rebound increase in bronchial hyperresponsiveness, and increase in eosinophilic airway inflammation [3,4]. This is particularly true for extremely frequent SABA use: the use of 2 or more SABA canisters in adults is associated with a heightened ...

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