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Baricitinib shows great potential in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

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Prof. Athimalaipet Ramanan, Bristol Medical School, UK
EULAR 2022
During the double-blind period of a withdrawal trial, baricitinib demonstrated predominance over placebo in the prevention of disease flares. These occurred in more than half of the cases in the placebo group but only about 17%  in the baricitinib group. “Our patients and parents have been waiting for oral alternatives to injectable drugs and the JAK inhibitors have come at the right time,” Prof. Athimalaipet Ramanan (Bristol Medical School, UK) expressed as he reported on the phase 3 JUVE-BASIS trial (NCT03773978) of baricitinib in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) with an unusual design [1]. “All patients, in order to be ethical and also not to subject our paediatric patients to placebo, were given access to the drug, and, at 12 weeks, the responders were randomised on a 1 to 1 basis to either continue the drug or switch to placebo,” Prof. Ramanan explained. T...

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