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Sleep quality of partners of psoriasis patients

Presented by
Dr Giovanni Damiani , University of Milan, Italy
EADV 2020
The best independent predictors of sleep quality are having a child and having a partner affected by psoriasis prior to the start of the relationship.

These are the conclusions of a cross-sectional multicentre observational study of 84 subjects across 5 hospitals in Italy, Serbia, and Israel [1]. Using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) to rate sleep quality, half of the subjects identified as poor sleepers. Multivariate regression analysis showed that having a partner affected by psoriasis since before the relationship began, is a predictor of better sleep quality, while having a child is a predictor of worse sleep quality. Furthermore, having a child affected by psoriasis constitutes an additional risk factor for poor sleep quality.


    1. Damiani G. Assessment of sleep quality in partners of patients affected by psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: a multi-center real-life study. P1448, EADV Virtual Congres, 29-31 October 2020.

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